Install Resurrection Remix for Samsung S4 Mini Android 9 Pie

Good news for Samsung S4 Mini users as they gets Resurrection Remix OS 7.0.2 Custom Rom based on Android Pie 9.0 unofficially.

Resurrection Remix in short RR, is a custom ROM based on AOSP source code. Which means that its UI is no different from stock Android on the Pixel phones.

The ROM brings many new features from popular custom ROM like Lineage OS, Slim, AOKP, Paranoid Android and many more.

Along with all these features, Remix also brings an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and battery life compared to many custom ROM.

Resurrection Remix Custom ROM for Samsung S4 Mini Android 10

A custom ROM, as the name suggests, is created with customisation with respect to a user community’s requirements. So, it overcomes the limitations that stock OS brings.

The Resurrection Remix OS ROM is publicly available on xda thanks to ripee. This is an unofficial attempt by the developer to help the custom OS enthusiasts to enjoy Android 10 on their Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

The RR is still on beta stage thus few minor bugs are still present in ROM. As of now, no glitches or major bugs have been officially observed. Before we go ahead to download and Installation guide, let us take a quick look at pre-requisites.


First of all, ensure that you fulfill all the requirements in order to successfully install Custom ROM on your phone.

  • Take a complete backup of all your data, it would be wise to safeguard your data in case anything goes wrong.
  • In order to flash Custom ROM, you must have TWRP installed on your S4 Mini. If you don’t have TWRP Recovery 3.3.1-0 then follow our TWRP Installation Guide.
  • Last, ensure that you have charged your phone to a sufficient battery level to avoid any sudden shutdowns in midst of the installation process.

Now that you’re here for it, go ahead and follow the instructions below on how to Install Unofficial RR on Samsung S4 Mini.

Download Resurrection Remix OS

Download the file in accordance to varient specific model or codename.

The links were directly sourced from the original XDA thread, thanks to recognised developer ! Although we will try our best to keep this post updated. But we encourage you to always check the XDA thread to get the latest version available.

Install Resurrection OS Rom for Samsung S4 Mini Android Pie

Step 1 – Boot your phone into Recovery mode.

Switch off your device. To enter into Recovery mode Press and hold down the Volume Up+Home+Power buttons together for some time. It will boot your mobile into Recovery mode.

Step 2 – Flash Resurrection Remix OS using TWRP

  1. Once entering the TWRP, Take Nandroid Backup. (In case of bootloop, you can easily restore your phone.)
  2. Now tap Format Data and continue with the formatting process. This will remove encryption and delete all files stored in the internal storage.
  3. Go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe, then select the System partition and then Swipe to Wipe
  4. Return to TWRP settings, Tap Install button and select the ROM’s .zip file in the external memory.
  5. Now approve the installation by tapping Swipe to Confirm Flash
  6. Repeat the above step and flash the GApps ZIP package this time.
  7. After the flashing process is complete, tap on Reboot System.

Flashing of the custom ROM begins and after few minutes, a message Successful appears on the screen, thus completing installation. When your phone boots, it shall be running RR ROM. So, go through the initial setup by following the on-screen instructions.

So, you have just been able to download and install Android 9 Pie for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. If you have any questions regarding the ROM or the installation process, use the comments section below

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