Download Qualcomm USB Drivers for Windows 10

Download Qualcomm USB Drivers for Windows 10 : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver installation guide is a right here. An essential driver for Qualcomm chipset devices to connect your phone to PC. This is applicable for Android devices since they come with a Qualcomm Chipset like Vivo, Oppo, Oneplus, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc.

If you are playing with your device operating system or customize your ROM by means of Custom ROM may causes bootloop then you have take help of Flash Tool. However, Flash Tool needs communication between phone and computer. Without Qualcomm USB Drivers your PC will not able to detect your device and thus results in failure of flashing with Qualcomm Flash Tool, QFIL Flash Tool, etc. Nowadays, Most of the Android smartphones or tablet devices come with Qualcomm chipset. If you’re using any of the Qualcomm SoC-powered handsets and wants back to Stock ROM or Recover Soft brick Phone then you have Install Qualcomm QDLoader USB Driver.

Now that you’re here for it, go ahead and follow the instructions below

How to Install Qualcomm USB Drivers for Windows 10

For your own convenience and better understanding, we have split the instructions in this guide into three steps

Step 1: Download Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008

Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 32-bit Windows | Download Now

Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 64-bit Windows | Download Now

Step 2: Install Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008

  1. Once you have downloaded the file as per your PC configuration, Extract the file on your computer. After Extracting open the file by double click.
  2. From the popup window, choose “WWAN-DHCP is not used to get IPAddress” option and click Next.Qualcomm WWAN-DHCP is not used to get IPAddress
  3. Read the license agreement and choose “I accept the terms in the license agreement”. Then tap on Next.
  4. Just click on Install to start the actual Qualcomm USB driver installation process.

And you are done! Lastly, press the Finish Button so as to exit the process.

Step 3: Verify the Installation

To verify the Qualcomm Drivers installed properlyor not you need to enter the phone into EDL mode. There are some ways to enable edl mode of your device. If your phone is in working condition then use method 1 otherwise go for alternative method.

Make sure you have Minimal ADB and Fastboot installed on your PC.

Method 1: By using Minimal ADB and Fastboot

  1. Look at your phone for the “Allow USB debugging?“ message, select “Always allow from this computer“ and click OK. If you forget to allow from phone, the command will return“unauthorized“, if OK you will see your phone as “device“ .
  2. Now open command prompt and type : adb devices
  3. Now it’s time to open our so called Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 service port to work with. If your phone is in working condition, we will use an adb command from command prompt : adb reboot edl

Method 2: Using Hardware Keys

  1. If your phone is bricked / can’t boot up / stuck at logo / restarting itself continuously, then we will use the key combination to open our Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 service port. That key combination depends on the ROM that you had on your phone before it’s bricked.
  2. Lollipop Users : Phone must be completely off. Pressing “Volume Up” key plug the USB cable in WITHOUT PRESSING POWER BUTTON ! Port will open.
  3. Marshmallow Users : Phone must be completely off. Plug the USB cable in and immediately press Power On button. Port will open.

Apart from this in new Smartphones you will also need to short EDL points using twiser.

Finally! You’ve successfully installed the latest Android Qualcomm USB Drivers for Windows 10. If you have any queries or get any difficulties during the procedure, feel free to let us know in the comment section below

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