Enable Developer Option USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking On Android

Enable Devloper Option USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking On Android Device: Are you looking forward to unlocking bootloader? Then you might be knowing, you have to first do the OEM Unlocking. To enable OEM unlocking, you need to first reavail Developer Option. But if you are unable to find this hidden option on your device, then here is a guide that will help you all in enabling OEM Unlock.

What is Developer Option?

Developer Option is nothing but a secret set of options. According to the name itself, the Developer Options are intended for people who or developers who want some additional features than available to test software and apps they are writing for Android devices.

You can enable the USB Debugging option through the developer option, also capture bug reports on your Android. You can also show the CPU Usage on a screen to measure the impact of your software.

What is USB Debugging?

The USB Debugging Mode allows Android device to receive file, data, commands, and also allows the PC to gather any sort of vital information from the device connected.

USB Debugging is a mode in any Android phone that will make it possible for you to download newly programmed apps to be copied through the USB to the device for testing purpose.

What is OEM Unlocking?

If you are looking forward to unlocking Bootloader of your Andriod device, it is mandatory from the Android 5.0 Lollipop to enable OEM Unlocking toggle from the Settings. The standard process of installing a custom ROM, kernel, or some famous mods like ViPER4Android, etc would require your device to have root permissions.

Rooting itself relies on a custom recovery like TWRP in most cases. Furthermore, installing a custom recovery would require you to have access to write the device’s partitions. A locked bootloader prevents just that. It wouldn’t allow you to overwrite or modify the existing partitions. Thus, the first step towards rooting an Android device is to unlock the bootloader.

In order to avoid unexpected access to this option, it has been hidden in a way similar to USB Debugging. Hence, to unlock bootloader and for OEM unlocking, one will need a guide, which we have presented below. All one has to do is follow it

Steps to Enable Developer Option USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking  on Android Devices

Step 1: Enable Developer Options on Android

As we mentioned, the option itself is hidden by default under the “Developer options” menu. In order to enable OEM unlocking, you will first need to reveal/enable Developer Options in the phone’s settings.

  1. Go to the app drawer and open “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down and find the “System” section. If you’re using a device with Android Nougat or below, look directly for “About phone”.
  3. Tap on the “About phone” section
  4. Find “Build number”.
  5. Tap 7 times on “Build number” rapidly. If you have a PIN/Password set, you will be prompted to enter it.
  6. Post that, you shall see a toast notification towards the bottom of the screen, saying – “You’re now a developer!”.
  7. Go back to the “System” section. On Android Nougat and below, simply go back to the main settings.
  8. You shall see a new section named “Developer options”.
Enable Devloper Option

You can now follow the instructions below to enable OEM unlocking on Android.

Note – OEM Unlocking and consequent Unlocking Bootloader may result in voiding the warranty of your device. It may also wipe the data on your device and prevent you all from using features that are DRM Enabled.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on Android

  1. Once you have enabled USB Debugging Option on your Android, Go to “Settings” and tap on “System”.
  2. Select “Developer options”.
  3. Scroll down through the options and find the “USB Debugging”.
  4. You shall be prompted to confirm the process, so press “ENABLE”.
Enable USB Debugging

Step 3: Backup your Android Device

It is strongly advised to backup your device completely including the apps, messages, contacts, and internal storage. While enabling OEM unlocking itself would harm your data. It’s likely that you’ll proceed further to unlock the phone’s bootloader. Which will result in a complete data wipe.

Step 4: Enable OEM Unlocking (OEM Unlock) on Android

  1. Go to “Settings” and tap on “System”.
  2. Select “Developer options”.
  3. Scroll down through the options and find the “OEM unlocking”.
  4. Simply tap on the toggle next to it. Again, if you have a password/PIN set, you will be asked to enter it.
  5. You shall be prompted to confirm the process, so press “ENABLE”.
Enable OEM Unlocking

That is it! You have successfully enabled OEM Unlock on Android device. You may further go ahead and unlock the boot-loader using the fast-boot command. Once unlocked, you can easily install TWRP recovery and root your phone via Magisk.

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