Download and Install Stock ROM for Vizio XR6M10

This guide will help you to Download and Install Stock ROM for Vizio XR6M10 by using QFil Flash Tool. Vizio XR6M10 latest Firmware Version based on Android Marshmallow is right here for you.

At situations when you have rooted your device or installed Custom ROMs on it, later on, you realize that your phone was better off without the rooting and other stuff. Or else, a common problem most of us face is that we root our phone and then if we get an update of the device, we wish to go back to what the phone was when came from the manufacturer.

The VIZIO Smartcast Android Tablet Remote XR6M is a wireless touch screen remote control that is compatible with all Vizio P-series and M-series display TVs. This version was released in 2017. It has a 6-inch HD LCD display and dual stereo speakers.

When your phone is bricked, it will not respond to any senses and will also not boot properly or may even get stuck in the boot loop. Problems like this can be very annoying. For such unwanted situations, you can make use of a special set of files called the Stock firmware flash files that help you with going back to your device settings as it came to you at the first place.


  • Take a backup first! we strongly recommend taking a full backup of all your data.
  • Download Qualcomm USB Drivers and setup on your PC.
  • Enable USB debugging on your handset
  • Download QFil Flash Tool and extract it.
  • Your smartphone must have a sufficient charged battery.

Now that you’re here for it, go ahead and follow the instructions below

Download and Install Stock ROM for Vizio XR6M10

In brief: we have to download Stock Firmware file and A Flash Tool called Qualcomm Flash Image Loader. After downloading these two files go for further instructions mentioned in step by step guide and Install Stock Rom for Vizio XR6M10

Step 1: Download Stock Firmware

Download XR6M10 Stock ROM latest Version Marshmallow | Download Now

Step 2: Launch QFil Flash Tool and Load Flash file

  1. Once you have extract QFil Flash Tool, Open QFIL.exe by double click.
  2. Now extract the downloaded Firmware file in that QFil folder or on desktop.
  3. In QFil main window click on ‘Select Build Type’ field select ‘Flat Build’
  4. Next, the “Select Programmer” field navigate to the folder you extracted the firmware and support files to and select the prog_emmc_firehose_8936.mbn file
  5. Select the ‘Load XML’ button and navigate to the folder you extracted the firmware and support files to and select the rawprogram0.xml and then the patch0.xml when prompted.

Step 3: Enter Phone into EDL mode

Make sure you have Minimal ADB and Fastboot installed on your PC.

  1. Look at your phone for the “Allow USB debugging?“ message, select “Always allow from this computer“ and click OK. If you forget to allow from phone, the command will return“unauthorized“, if OK you will see your phone as “device“ .
  2. Now open command prompt and type : adb devices
  3. Now it’s time to open our so called Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 service port to work with. If your phone is in working condition, we will use an adb command from command prompt : adb reboot edl

Step 4: Flash Stock ROM

After successful reboot into edl mod, it’s time to begin flashing process.

  1. On top of the QFil you will see ‘No Port Available’ click the ‘Select Port…’ option and pick your device. If your device isn’t showing up there you didn’t install the drivers properly.
  2. At this point, click on the Download button and ensure not to interrupt the process, just wait for the flash process to complete.

Flashing process may take up to 4-5 minutes to complete. And Once the flashing process is completed you will be able to see Finished Message. That’s it! A detailed guide “Download and Install Stock ROM for Vizio XR6M10”

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