Avee Player Pro Apk Premium Version 1.2.83 Download

Avee Player Pro Apk Premium version 1.2.83 is right here for download. It’s an amazing powerful music player app for Android. Avee Music Player Pro edition includes some extra features compared to the regular edition, it includes all features access as well as ad-free experience.

Most smartphones manufactured today have a default Google built-in music player. However, it come with basic features. So, if you wish to have a better experience, you need to install a third-party app. Avee Player Pro Apk Premium is a lightweight multimedia application that offers more than your default player. It has various features, including a visualizer and an equalizer to improve the way you listen to your music. When you are looking for an alternative to your device’s music player, this one should be in your top choices.

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Features of Avee Player Pro Apk Premium

Audio Visualizer

The most attractive feature of Avee Player is visualizers, which is rarely seen in any Android Music Players. These audio visualizers are extensively customizable, allowing you to tweak its color, shape, size, and audio reaction. You can even put your picture. More so, you can import visualizer templates to the app and use them. You can also export the preset templates as HD video files. You will get more than 10 visualizer effects in Avee Player free version. But in case of Avee Player Pro Premium version you can also add your own custom visualizer effects or created within the tool.


To improve your sound trip, users can use the app’s equalizer. You can use this feature to correct minor flaws in your speakers, headsets, or setup. You can also use the equalizer to listen to your music the way you want it to sound. With this, you can enjoy your music more.

Supports Most Popular Audio Formats

Avee Music Player Pro supports the most popular media formats, so you can play any music file without the need for audio conversion.

Sleep Timer

You can set the sleep timer to automatically stop the app from playing your music without you opening the app again.

Night Mode/Theme

If you wish to customize how the app looks, you can change theme according your choice as it has 7 colors to apply including nightly.

No Ads

The premium version of Avee Music Player comes with option disable ads which can be easily accessible in settings on the top.

Other Awesome features

  • New users of Avee Music Player (Pro) do not need to worry that they have to transfer their music to the app before they can play them.
  • The app’s library has various folders, including Everything, which automatically lists all the music files on your mobile device, no matter what folder it is saved. The library also organizes your music in various categories, such as Albums, Artists, and Genres.
  • You can also create your playlist or view songs on folders.
  • Can run in the background, allowing you to listen to your music while using other applications on your phone.

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NameAvee Music Player
Android Requirement4.1 and up
File size4MB
DeveloperDaww Aww
Version1.2.83 (latest)

Avee Player Pro Apk Premium latest version 1.2.83 Google Drive link | Download Now

Avee Music Player Pro Apk Premium is a great app if you are have YouTube channel in which you are posting WhatsApp Status or you are Music lover. The software boasts various features that enhance your music playback but one thing I noticed whenever I close the app in recent menu the music player also stops the background music. If you want any custom visualisation effect then let us know in comment section below

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